The Light

I wrote this poem right after I got out of rehab. I forgot about it for a really long time. Lately though, when I am in a battle, which I am now, God brings it back to my mind. I know many people who are going through some tough stuff in thier marriages health, finances, etc. These are all very Godly people. There is a shift going on in the Kingdom of God, and I know the devil is trying hard to stop people from moving into their rightful place in God’s kingdom.  So I am sharing this as encouragement for all those who are in a fight right now, as well as myself.


The Light

The light that comes,
Bringing with it peace and serenity.
Shining far off in the distance,
Reaching for it from some dark place.
Unattainable needs and desires,
Always looking, reaching,
For something out there.
Something we are all meant to have.
Within ourselves,
Our own worst enemy.
Struggling with our thoughts,
Decisions are a personal war.
Seeking answers,
Calling out to something greater
Striving for the void to be filled
Waiting for the light,
The light which heals the pain.
In time it will grant our needs.
May it also grant us our desires.


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